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A prized possession: a photograph from shortly after the First World War of a group of young people, in an architect practice clearly relaxed and friendly. The only woman in the photo is neatly but fashionably dressed. Her name is Chrissie Millar and she is stenographer. Both parents are dead and with her elder brother in Australia, she is supporting herself and younger sister Peggy by working. Chrissie has learnt shorthand and typing and landed this respectable position. We can assume, despite her skills, she would not be as well paid as the men. She also did not have the vote. Yet women like Chrissie were central to supporting commercial and telecommunications boom taking place at that time. Keyboard and shorthand skills, not known to many men outside journalism, were, and continued to be regarded, as women’s skills. Stenographer became typist, became secretary, became PA. (more…)


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Social networking, in fact the very idea of ‘networking’ can seem like anathema to many creatives. Often the idea of purposefully going out and making social connections with people for the purpose of promoting your business, can seem like… well, prostitution in a way. This comes either because creatives have chosen a slightly different route to the corporate one, or because of the historical belief that, if we create it, people will just naturally come to see the thing for how wonderful it is, in its own right. Surely?

Well, there aren’t any/many private art patrons out there in the world these days. and If you want to earn money to survive, then you need to connect with people who either can buy your work, fund your work or use you in a paying project. Of course, you may also have a job that pays enouggh and your creative outpourings are for personal reasons, but eventually, you might want some people to be interested.

It’s another reason to think long and hard about using social networks. If you aren’t already in them, then have a plan as to why you might use them and then get stuck in. If you’re weighing the pros and cons, look no further than this article by  Mark McGuinness on the Top Ten Social Networks for Creative People.

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The ICEcubes team will be attending MediaCampNottingham in May to mix it up and connect with other folks thinking about all things social media and digital.

MediaCampNottingham – Saturday 9th May and Sunday 10th May, 2009

NOT a BARCAMP – we plan a little before hand.

What is MediaCampNottingham?

An innovative UnConference exploring the latest digital trends in:

* Web design and development
* Communications, branding, advertising and PR
* Arts, media and culture
* Games and virtual worlds
* Digital media, blogging and social media.

It’s FREE and anyone can get involved.

1. Technology: Web Development / Design / Accessibility / SEO / Social Media
2. Media: Business / Communication / PR / Advertising / Marketing
3. Culture: Digital Arts / Media / Culture / Games / Education

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Flatpack 3 2009

How do you document a moving image festival that happens in the dark with copyrighted material? It’s easy, when it’s an engaged and creative festival like Flatpack 2009 from 7 Inch Cinema.

Assorted bloggers have been helping to fill the gaps in our memory:
> http://www.flatpackfestival.org/blog/flatpack-collective-memory/ and souvenir photos are making their way online:
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/7inchcinema/

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Julia Negus is one of the directors of Theatre Absolute that she runs with Chris O’Connell

Along with Chris o’Connell, Julia Negus is a director of Theatre Absolute, based in Coventry. She has also recently finished her degree in Surface Decoration (graduating in November 2008). Julia has been keeping a blog where she talks about her stitching and the stories that evolve from the process of creating. Her blog tracks some of the ideas and themes of the work that she has produced. There are some great pieces there with stories that do what good storytelling should, leaving their mark on you.

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