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The Influence and Impact of Web 2.0 on e-Research Infrastructure, Applications and Users.

The number of Web 2.0 services and applications, widely used by Internet users, academics, industry and enterprise, are growing rapidly, which demonstrates Web 2.0’s solid foundations. These technologies and services are based on the open standards that underpin the Internet and Web, and are used in many forms, e.g. blogs, wikis, mashups, social websites, podcasting and content tagging. This field is having a significant impact on distributed infrastructure and applications, and on the way users and developers interact. The area needs to be thoroughly investigated and understood to encourage the development of new services and applications for e-Research.

Target Audience

We wish to engage the e-Science, and e-Research community, as well as those in the arts and humanities, and other researchers who have not been funded under the e-Science Programme.


This event is provisionally scheduled to start at 09:30 Monday 23 March 2009 and close at 17:00 on Friday 27 March 2009.


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A Fresh Start

When we think about using Web 2.0 technologies, we are faced with the challenge of trying to see something that is right before our eyes. A familiarity and comfort of engagement that stops us from seeing clearly. In trying to research these tools/toys, it seems we have to go back to first principles and start again. So many people in the world already have a Facebook account, or have flirted with the idea of blogging, that we think we’re completely familiar with these technologies and there may be nothing new for us to learn. It is important to start again, and really get to grips with everything as though it were brand new and had never been explored before. Terms and Conditions fully understood. Usability fully explored with a naive and simple approach. Perhaps even trying to break things to see what the limits are?


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